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Letter board that says people don't quit jobs, they quit managersIn the last decade there has been a split in how companies have chosen to run their Human Resources departments. There are those that stick to the compliance and administration of people that is the traditional approach to the HR function; then there are those who see the true potential that can be realized when you have leadership and management utilize the HR function to integrate flexibility, inclusivity and transparency in a workplace. This second approach, describes what we do at Support Panda. Process and fundamentals are important, so is workplace culture and talent retention.

We are Human Resources for those who are hesitant to want the traditional definition of the function.

It is important that you work with professionals that align with your views of how to run a business. That is equally important to us. Support Panda is not your standard HR department. We want to be the people management support for your team that creates dialogue and finds solutions; that decreases turnover and helps you realize the possibilities when your staff function as a true team.

Kaitlin Sandor-Kerr

Founder & Principal Consultant

I am Kaitlin Sandor-Kerr. I help small and midsize businesses set up their People (HR) Processes, so that they can attract and retain amazing employees and provide an employment experience they are proud of. 

I am passionate about what I do because, while working in the corporate world for 12 years, I noticed that the HR function in many businesses was broken. I found companies playing a game of keeping up with the jones’ trying hard to be perceived as inclusive or generous. At the same time there was a clear lack of impactful changes to the actual approach to workforce support. 

I started Support Panda to approach problems in the workplace from the perspective of the modern and changing workforce. My goal being to guide employers to focus on allowing and encouraging employees to be human and integrating work into their world in a rewarding way.  Formal processes and policies have their place, but we want to use these administrative constructs to clarify expectations and support your corporate culture in a flexible and easy to understand way.   

When people work with me, they feel the relief of having someone in their corner who can help them weigh out their people management options and make choices that they are proud of as a human and as an employer. 

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